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Your Life, Your Business


Citizens should be well informed, responsible consumers. Well informed consumers need a basic understanding of consumer economics, management of personal finances, market systems, the business world, and the principles of advertising.

Stream Description

This stream provides students with an understanding of business fundamentals. Students will study economics, consumer math, finance, business law, market systems and principles of advertising in preparation for running a student business. Students will produce, advertise and market a product. Through operation of a student business, students will become economically literate, increase their knowledge of career and income opportunities, increase their communication and marketable work skills and improve their self-esteem and leadership abilities. Students will also learn the value of money in the market place and gain skills necessary to maintain personal finances.

Simulation Descriptions

Simulation: Market Day

Students become young entrepreneurs where they will form a small business, manufacture a product, create advertising and then sell their own merchandise at a school market day.


Big Activity: Would You Buy It?

Students will produce a print advertisement and a video commercial using the techniques and psychology of advertising.