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PE Rocks

Physical Education

The Brown-Barge Physical Education curriculum, guided by national and state standards, provides students with the opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, behaviors, and motivation that promote a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

Students are expected to dress out daily in appropriate PE attire, and fully participate during the class period, giving them the opportunity to learn and improve skills in individual, team, extreme, and alternate sports, and athletics. 

The program strives to develop students' personal and social responsibilities through cooperative, competitive, and fair play, self-management skills, and the knowledge to make informed and healthy decisions. 

The Florida State standards for Physical Education that guide lessons can be found at this link.

appropriate pe attire

Shirts/ Sweatshirts/ Jackets

District dress code is the guiding factor for PE attire.  T-shirts and athletic shirts with short or long sleeves are appropriate. Sweatshirts and jackets may be worn over appropriate PE clothing during cold weather.

Spaghetti strap shirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, shirts with low necklines, shirts that show the midsection or shoulders, and shirts that do not easily stay on the shoulders should not be worn during PE.

Shorts and Athletic Pants

District dress code is the guiding factor for PE attire.  Shorts worn for PE should be no shorter than the middle finger when the shoulders are relaxed.  If athletic leggings are worn, then the shirt should be no shorter than the middle finger when the shoulders are relaxed.

Shoes and Socks

In order for students to participate safely and benefit from physical education classes, they must wear appropriate shoes that tie (tennis/ athletic shoes). For health reasons, it is important that socks are worn.

Toe Shoes, Heelys, skate shoes, backless shoes, slip-ons that are loose and slip off the back heel, boots, sandals, flip-flops, platform shoes (including platform tennis shoes), high heeled shoes, cleats, etc. are not safe footwear for participation in daily physical activity and therefore, should not be worn during PE.

If you do not wear appropriate PE clothing, there will be a reduction in your daily grade.

Outdoor Protection

Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen will be allowed.


Jewelry should not be worn during PE activities.  This includes watches.  Be sure to lock any jewelry in your locker.

Personal Hygiene

We encourage students to use hygiene products such as body wipes and deodorant.