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Trimester 1 Stream Progress Reports

Trimester 1 Stream Progress Reports will arrive with students after school Thursday, November 10. Please take time to look over your child's progress, academic and behavioral, with him/her. If you have concerns, here are some helpful tips (updated with trimester change suggestions):

  1. Ask your student to elaborate on his/her progress. Although "I don't know" may be a favorite response for middle schoolers to use, it's not usually the most honest response. No one knows exactly how a student is behaving and focusing in class as well as the student!
  2. Spend time looking through your student's binder and/or backpack with him/her. Trimester 2 has just begun and it's a great time to be sure the students is on track for success!
    1. Is the binder organized? 
    2. Is the trimester 2, first week calendar complete?
    3. Are there rubrics (usually on pink paper) that you can go over with your student? 
    4. What is the quality of the current work in progress?
  3. Contact your child's teachers for more information.
    1. Most teacher e-mails are linked from the "Faculty and Streams" page. Please identify yourself in the body of the e-mail as the system does not give teachers your name automatically. You may want to contact the trimester 1 TOR about trimester 1 progress. 
    2. You should have received a "Welcome to the Stream" letter earlier this week which contains trimester 2 teacher contact information. 
  4. Call guidance to schedule a conference.
    1. If the above strategies don't fully answer your questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the guidance department to schedule a conference. 850-494-5640. It may be important to conference with trimester 2 teachers to make a plan including the student, new team of teachers, and parents while the student has a fresh start! 
Posted by: Lalla Pierce Published:11/10/16
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