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Conflict and Compromise


When students identify and understand the roots of conflict, the strategies for compromise, and the workings of the judicial system, they will be better able to develop and implement creative, nonviolent alternatives to interpersonal and intergroup conflicts.

Stream Description

Students will explore the roots of conflict between people and groups, and how they are mediated through the United States judicial system. Students learn strategies to resolve conflicts and understand the necessity of compromise in today’s society. Topics covered include civics, forensic science, language arts, statistics, and research.


Simulation 1: Students will work in groups to write or film public service announcements sharing with their peers what they have learned about the causes of interpersonal conflict and methods of conflict resolution.


Simulation 2: "The Case of the Missing Millionaire" - Students will prepare for and conduct a mock trial using what they have learned about conflict resolution and the American legal system.