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Today: 2/26/15

Escambia County School District

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Brown-Barge Middle School

Excellentia per Scientiam

Congratulations Brown-Barge Middle School faculty, staff and students!  

We are an "A" school!


The online application is now closed.


The Office of School Choice adjusted the timeline for Middle School Selection.

The letters will now be mailed on Friday, February 27th.

The 2-Week Enrollment period will be March 2nd to March 13th.

Please contact Mr. Christopher McFarland if you have any questions.


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Please click on this link - - for details and instructions on how to order your Yearbook. Yearbooks are $27.00 and need to be purchased online. The last day to order yearbooks is... Continue
Posted by: James De Luna
Published: 2/6/15

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Brown-Barge Middle

201 E. Hancock Lane

Pensacola, Fl 32503

(850) 494-5640

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For Algebra Parents

Algebra is a high school credit class.  To meet the requirements of this class, our Algebra teachers maintain their grades on the district's online gradebook, FOCUS.  You can access the FOCUS gradebook through the parent portal by REGISTERING HEREAFTER YOU REGISTER, you can sign on to the parent portal here.


Please click for the Semester Exam Review.  

 District Math pageAlgebra I Study Resources

algebra review.pdf


Click here to download an Electronic Practice Assessment Tool (EPAT) that will allow your student to practice using the electronic tools and environment that will be used on this year's Algebra End-of-Course exam.